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Empowering Others through my Passion for Leadership: The Journey of a Dedicated Change-Maker

During my 20 years in the Marine Corps, I achieved rapid promotions due to my consistent performance, exceptional physical fitness scores, and excellent evaluations from my supervisors. However, as I assumed leadership roles, I realized that I lacked a full understanding of what it meant to be an effective leader. Despite my frustrations, I remained committed to developing my leadership skills.

It was during my time in the Marines that I encountered a remarkable leader who inspired me to reassess my approach to leadership. Witnessing the positive impact of his leadership style, I recognized the importance of education and growth in developing my own leadership abilities.

After retiring from the Marines, I began working in the private sector and noticed a common issue among many businesses: poor leadership at all levels. However, having experienced the impact of strong leadership, I was motivated to help others achieve similar success. Through guidance and coaching, I have helped individuals and organizations transform their leadership approach, creating winning cultures that drive employee retention, increase revenue, and inspire others to achieve their goals.

If you’re ready to experience a frustration-free journey and take your leadership skills to the next level, book a call with me today. Together, we can transform your leadership approach and achieve lasting success.

Headshot of Lonnie

Lonnie Buckner Jr

Leadership and Organization Development

During his 20-year career as an active duty Marine, Lonnie demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in various roles, such as leading a recruiting team, training partner nation military leaders, advising local commanders, and leading Marines in combat. His outstanding performance and dedication earned him numerous awards and recognitions.

After retiring from the military, Lonnie continued his leadership journey by serving as a director and VP for several private businesses. His leadership style and commitment to excellence enabled him to have a positive impact and achieve superior results. He helped develop other leaders, created positive cultures, increased operational efficiencies, and drove higher profits while promoting workplace joy.

Lonnie’s passion for leadership and his desire to make workplaces enjoyable have inspired him to help other business leaders achieve the same level of success. Through his expertise and guidance, he aims to transform organizational cultures, improve leadership effectiveness, and create frustration-free workplaces.

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